[Axl] [BUG] memory leaks

Benoit Amiaux b.amiaux at ateme.com
Mon Apr 7 10:55:23 CEST 2008


I found some memory leaks in __axl_doc_parse_common

at axl_doc.c:1048 a new stream is allocated
then at axl_doc.c:1052 a new document is allocated

Soon after, there are several checks for errors, but when those fail, no 
clean up is done on those two pointers

(see axl_stream_detect_codification or axl_doc_parse_xml_header)

Those leaks were found because I don't manage to use latest axl trunk 
properly. During any connection, I get the following message:
"(proc 2932): (critical) vortex-connection: found an error while parsing 
greetings message: unable to detect encoding format, failed to detect 
encoding format"
I'm not sure yet how to fix it.


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