[Axl] Link errors on OS X

Dave Dribin dave-ml at dribin.org
Mon Apr 28 13:27:06 CEST 2008


I'm trying to build on Max OS X 10.5.2, and I'm getting link errors.   
In fact, this is the same problem I found in the archives.  I tried  
the 2nd suggestion here, to no avail:


It still fails at:

gcc -dynamiclib  -o .libs/libaxl-ns.0.0.0.dylib  .libs/ 
axl_ns_doc.o .libs/axl_ns_node.o   -install_name  /usr/local/encap/ 
axl-0.4.14.b3237.g3237/lib/libaxl-ns.0.dylib -compatibility_version 1 - 
current_version 1.0
Undefined symbols:
   "_axl_calloc", referenced from:
       ___axl_ns_node_check_and_install_ns_decls in axl_ns_doc.o
   "_axl_hash_new_full", referenced from:
       ___axl_ns_node_check_and_install_ns_decls in axl_ns_doc.o

It seems that libaxl-ns isn't linking against libaxl?

As per suggestion #1 (upgrading libtool): GNU libtool on OS X is  
glibtool.  /usr/bin/libtool is *not* GNU libtool on Mac OS X.   
However, since I'm only running ./configure and not automake/autoconf,  
this shouldn't really matter, AFAIK.

Any suggestions?



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