[Axl] axl_doc_parse_from_file aborts program in subfunction

Raphael Schneider raphael_schneider at web.de
Thu Feb 13 12:33:29 CET 2014

I've got a problem with parsing a file. I've got a subfunction that 
starts as stated:

int write_frq(int n_pump, double frqs[]) {
     axlError *a_err = NULL;

     axlDoc *doc = NULL; //axl library document object
     axlNode *root = NULL; //axl library root node object
     axlNode *node = NULL; //node object for navigation

     printf("DEBUG - write frq() axl variables defined\n");

     //get doc reference
     doc = axl_doc_parse_from_file("GAtest1_input.xml", a_err);
     printf("DEBUG - write_frq() error: %d %s\n", 
axl_error_get_code(a_err), axl_error_get(a_err));
     if (doc == NULL) {
         printf("DEBUG - writefrq() - file not found!\n");

     printf("DEBUG - write_frq() doc loaded to axl\n");


The problem is, that the program just aborts when trying to load the doc 
from axl_doc_parse_from_file. I don't get any error codes anymore, nothing.
The exact same code however works fine if I run it in its own int main().
Anyone an idea what's wrong here?


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