[beepbuilders] [ANN] Turbulence 0.5.5 'You shook me all night long LIVE!' is ready!

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis en aspl.es
Mie Ene 4 14:22:32 CET 2012

                     -= Turbulence 0.5.5 =-
               "You shook me all night long LIVE!"       

Release note

  Advanced Software Production Line is proud to announce Turbulence
  0.5.5 "You shook me all night long LIVE!" release: an open source
  BEEP application server, written on top of Vortex Library 1.1.

  Turbulence is a BEEP server extensible through modules which allows
  to implement server side profiles that are used and combined later
  with other profiles through run time configuration.

  Turbulence is written to make it easy to develop and deploy BEEP
  profiles, allowing developers to provide a convenient configuration
  interface to site administrators and end users.

  Check out the following links to get ready with Turbulence:

    - http://www.aspl.es/turbulence
      [Turbulence homepage]

    - http://www.aspl.es/vortex
      [Vortex Library homepage]
    - http://code.google.com/p/vortexlibrary
      [Sources and binaries]

    - http://www.beepcore.org
      [BEEP Core community web site]

    - http://www.aspl.es/xml
      [Axl Library, XML 1.0 implementation]
The release in short

  MOD-PYTHON: improved integration by using new support from vortex to
              provide a handler that is called regularly when a Python
              handler is taking to long to finish. This allows
              developers and administrators to better track down
              problems with python applications.

     MOD-TLS: improved error reporting by using new support from
              vortex to register a handler that is called when a TLS
              handshake fails. Now it is easier to get information
              about connecting BEEP peers that are failing to enable
              TLS profile.

      ENGINE: Fixed some bugs at the core library (libturbulence).

Change notifications

Changes since the 0.5.4

* [fix] Updated mod-tls to use failure handler support from vortex tls
  module to better report TLS failure errors.

* [fix] Fixed compilation warnings at py_turbulence_ctx.c due to
  Vortex updates..

* [fix] Releasing and reacquiring lock before calling to broadcast msg
  inside turbulence conn mgr. This is to avoid dead locks caused by
  filter function that may call again turbulence conn mgr API (which
  is already locked).

* [new] Updated engine to not wait for threads to finish on exit using
  new vortex support to do so. Added new command line option to obtain
  old behavior (--wait-thread-pool).

* [new] Updated mod-python to register a handler for too long
  execution notifications. This will ease finding problems caused by
  python handlers that are taking too long to finish (or never
* [fix] Moving ahead turbulence version..

* [fix] Making mod-python turbulence.Ctx.broadcast_msg to not acquire
  python GIL when called filter user function because it already owns
  the GIL..

* [fix] Making turbulence_conn_mgr_broadcast_msg to release internal
  mutex when called user defined filter function. This will allow
  turbulence conn mgr API reentrancy. Added reg test to check feature
  introduced (test_10-d).
* [fix] Committing initial file.sup (valgrind suppression file).

* [fix] Updated file.sup to include more python suppressions.

* [fix] Fixed wrong buffer size indication inside

* [fix] Removed several unused variables and fixed some Makefile.am
  missing references to VORTEX_LIBS.

About Us

  Advanced Software Production Line provides GNU/Linux support and
  consulting services to help organizations to introduce GNU/Linux
  inside its process.

  Contact us, using English or Spanish, to get commercial support
  and/or BEEP based development services.

  You can reach us:

       http://www.aspl.es - info en aspl.es

  Enjoy Turbulence!  

Francis Brosnan Blázquez           - francis en aspl.es
Advanced Software Production Line  - http://www.aspl.es
04th Jan 2012, Madrid (Spain)

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