[beepbuilders] [ANN] Core-Admin 1.0.32-3207 is now available!

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis en aspl.es
Mar Dic 31 11:03:33 CET 2013

                   --## Core-Admin ##--

Advanced Software Production Line is proud to first public release of

Core-Admin is an extensible solution for server and device
administration that integrates into a single solution powerful
administration panels, an external and highly detailed internal
checking engine and an event notification system that will allow you
to track to the minute the state of all your systems connected to a
central console.


   Core-Admin web page
   [ http://www.core-admin.com ]

   On-line demo page
   [ http://demo.core-admin.com ]

   Core-Admin Documentation centre
   [ http://www.core-admin.com/portal/documentation ]

   Advanced Software Production Line, S.L.
   [ http://www.aspl.es ]

This release in short

  - NEW PLATFORMS: supported, Ubuntu Precise Pangolin LTS 12.04.3 and
    Debian Wheezy 7.0. See all our supported platforms here:


  - IMPROVEMENTS: Dojo 1.6.2 is now default engine for
    web-client. Applied several updates to improve interface
    experience. Now installer is available in english and spanish. Now
    app installers are able to show a progress window with task
    completion (fully programmable and available to developers
    creating core-admin applications), and many more, see change-log.

  - DEVELOPMENT: released core-admin app-builder to allow creating
    checkers and new applications on top of Core-Admin.

  - GENERAL+SECURITY: many fixes and security updates were applied to
    this release. See log for more details.

Changes from previous release

* [fix] Updated core_admin_common.support.service/2 to detect varnish
  case to change temporally masks on start to avoid debian problem.

* [fix] Updated crad-agent-watcher.py to allow getting current status.

* [fix] Updated security incident tag from SECURITY to SECURITY: to
  avoid clashing with normal events.

* [fix] Several modificatiosn to allow compiling core-admin into

* [fix] Updated core-admin-installer.py to make a flush privileges
  call after configuring server databases..

* [fix] Updated core_admin_agent.database to use flush_privileges.

* [fix] Several modifications into the renamed process checker to
  detect working binaries that aren't found on the disk.

* [fix] Updated checker redeployment to remove old data.

* [fix] Updated machine management to enforce collector reference is
  handled as an integer.

* [fix] Updated collector management and application deployment to
  detect those cases where the magic codes aren't supported.

* [fix] More updates to machine management general code deployment..

* [fix] Fixed core_admin_common.support.get_int to also support "7,2"
  and "7.2" formats. Added get_float method too.

* [fix] Fixed core_admin_server.collector.update_machine_config to
  have default values for various parameters.

* [fix] Updated crad-log-watcher.py to detect wrong handlers
  associated to logs (because they cannot be imported or because they
  don't have an init() method to remove them from the log watching

* [fix] Added python trace back detection into syslog definition.

* [fix] Making turbulence server to not replicate errors on agents on
  its own log to avoid "echos".

* [fix] Several fixings at the agent code to better support when a
  checker wasn't possible to be loaded.

* [fix] Fixed change code detection at core-admin server to also
   consider the magic number.

* [fix] Fixed DNS admin installer.py. It was pointing to the wrong

* [fix] Adding missing flush privileges to mail admin installer.

* [new] Updated core_admin_agent.database to include a new method that
  allows creating mysql admin users easily. API added:

   - create_admin_mysql_account

* [fix] Fixed naming error inside disk full checker.

* [fix] Updated core-admin-agent.checker.register_option to return
  default value when SQL code fails to find the checker id.

* [fix] Making core_admin_common.support.install_packages to use
  LANG=C as a command prefix to ensure all output is is well-known.

* [fix] Added support to detect postfix internal map look up problems.
  through crad log watcher.

* [fix] Added amavisd-new <-> perl exception to renamed process

* [fix] Updated mail admin installer to support working without
  providing MySQL root password. Now the installer try to create an
  account used by the mail server. It if is not possible, the
  installer warns about that and request for them.

* [fix] Updated webhosting management installer to restart the web
  service after finishing all to ensure it is started.

* [fix] Minor fixings to ensure we use support.unlink rather than

* [fix] Making horde installation to support creating a horde user and
  database with a different value.

* [fix] Updated Core-Admin installer to support changing serverName
  configured (restoring turbulence's profile path, tls certificates
  and apache2 web site).

* [fix] Updated core-admin to include application deployment to detect
  when a file isn't found even after having the file location
  reporting a good value.

* [fix] Updated manage host ips tool to support detecting when more
  changes were introduced into the /etc/hosts without using core-admin
  to import them into the database to avoid losing records.

* [fix] Updated mysql admin application to allow listing all admin
  users (to allow better identifying them). The application also
  allows creating admin users.

* [fix] Updated mysql manager to produce a notification when an MySQL
  admin user was added.

* [fix] Updated webhosting management tool to check that the mail
  address uses a valid format. Various certificate resellers do not
  accept signing a certificate with an invalid mail address acount.

* [fix] Added an indication inside webhosting management to tell admin
  user if that the site config have custom config enabled and to
  indicate him/her that this configurations must be done throug the
  custom site configurations.

* [fix] Updated main server to drop an error log about the license
  error it found.

* [fix] Updated mail_log.py to also report log and the line when
  detected dovecot Too many open files detected.

* [fix] Making dovecot errors to be supressable.

* [fix] Updated core-admin platform to install newer dojo version

* [fix] Several updates into the core-admin-installer.py

* [fix] Updated mail admin application to fix more elements at the

* [fix] Updated dovecot-sql.conf to allow disabling the account whe it
  is found to be not enabled.

* [fix] Updated mail-admin to include additional corrections..

* [fix] Updated disk_status.py to avoid using

* [fix] Updated session module inside core_admin_server to create

* [fix] Fixed disk_status collector to detect empty lines..

* [fix] Updated core_admin_common.support.parse_json to avoid breaking
  when unparseable content is found. Updated core_admin_server.machine
  to better report when a connection is closed due to a parse error.

* [fix] More updates to better especify when a recover message
  couldn't be handled because no data associated to the conn id or the
  host id was found.

* [fix] Updated coreAdmin.Support.removeParentRow to support both a
  domNode or a query string with a reference node with additional
  checks to allow calling to this function several times with the same
  target node.  This avoids having unknown reference errors when
  previous calls succeded.  Updated app-builder to use this new method
  of calling this function.

* [fix] Updated app-builder to allow placing a "remove-on-false=yes"
  indication to cause that node in the interface to be removed when
  the value associated to that attribute is false. Updated
  documentation to explain this.

* [fix] Updated webhosting management to only show the
  "this-site-have-custom-config" when it is found enabled.  

* [fix] Making core-admin to allow running a checker directly from the

* [fix] Updated core-admin-installer.py to allow installing the agent
  just after the core-admin server, allowing to join the agent and
  doing all operations required to complete this join operation.

* [fix] Updated core_admin_agent.application to allow importing
  modules providing the path that should be installed into the
  sys.path. Updated module to make .call () method to detect when
  report/tbc parameter is received to change the calling
  convention. Now it is possible to call agent services and server
  services using this API.

* [fix] Fixed generic_smtp_checker to catch exception produced at
  server.helo () call.

* [fix] Fixed coreAdmin.Support.removeParentRow. It only working for
  the first example it supported at the webhosting management tool.

* [new] Updated manage network interfaces to support creating VLAN

* [fix] Fixed app-builder to support using remove-on-false="yes"
  attribute on any declaration. Now this is used to hide is_alias,
  vlan and is_vlan in the case they are not defined while showing a
  particular interface.

* [fix] Updated installer to ask for the license code during server
  installation and before installing agent. This new core-admin is
  completely installed, including the license and the agent.

* [fix] Updated core-admin central license manager to detect unallowed
  sequences inside file names. Updated
  core_admin_server.application.check_app_limits to report some debug
  information when a limit is reached.

* [fix] Fixed app-builder to properly implement remove-on-false (which
  was stopping to create new elements). Updated

* [fix] Added new simple tool to help decoding log files that contains
  urls with characters encoded.

* [fix] Added support to avoid creating a hosting if the base folder
  exists. Now the application gives a useful error report.

* [fix] Making webhosting tool to flag hosting location for php to be
  flagged as using SSL.

* [fix] Updated client license checking code to show more information
  about what happens.

* [fix] Updated core_admin_agent.database.create_admin_mysql_account
  to limit account length to 16 bytes.

* [fix] Updated mail log handler to avoid flooding the operation with
  sending_ncpts_quota_exceeded messages.

* [fix] Updated megaraid check to also support checking the battery of
  the server.

* [fix] Initial modifications to allow installing a handler that would
  allow doing supervision on the output gathered by command.run
  API. Initial modifications at the support.install_packages to detect
  common error "Write Error - Bad Address" and to stop.

* [fix] Several modifications into the core_admin_common.command
  module to detect the should_stop flag and stop command.run
  command. Updated the command.run method to allow receving an user
  data that is passed in to the output handler.

* [fix] Several modifications into support.install_packages to use new
  API provided by command.run to install an output handler along with
  a hash that includes information about the operating system and the
  number of tries that are available. Used this to detect Write Error
  13 - Bad Address and try to install packages again. Added initial
  code to support doing notifications about whats happening while
  installing an application.

* [fix] Updated machine_management handler at client agent code to
  detect 32bits machines to avoid calling ctx.new_event with values
  bigger than 2147.

* [new] Updated core_admin_common.support to include a new method that
  supports creating event handlers that can go beyond 2147 seconds on
  32bits platform. API added:

   - support.new_event

* [new] Added new function inside core_admin_common.support to check
  if a python object is callable:

   - support.is_callable.

* [fix] Updated machine management handler to allow installing reboot
  and poweroff reboots delayed beyond 2147 seconds in 32bits platform.

* [fix] Updated core_admin_common.support.get_host_ip to get current
  ip from what's configured in the main interface.

* [fix] Fixed support.new_event for timeout > 2147 and 32bits.

* [fix] Making core-admin web-hosting installer to restart
  crad-log-watcher at the end to ensure web-files watching is started.

* [fix] Making samba checker to report when the server was recovered
  on the exit status.

* [new] Added core_admin_common.support.host_ips to allow getting ips
  that are in used in the current server.

* [fix] Updated crad ip-blocker tool to ensure it cannot block any IP
  that is in use by the server running the tool.

* [fix] Updated core_admin_common.command.run method check both
  descriptors (stdout and stderr) to avoid handling exception in the
  same block for both which could cause dead-lock when the stdout is
  failing and stderr's got data available.

* [fix] Fixed webhosting management installer to properly install the
  location for SSL (8443). Making installer under wheezy debian to
  remove a file used by default phpmyadmin installation.

* [fix] Updated webhosting management application to avoid updating
  lists for every package installed after the first package installed.

* [fix] Updated mail admin's installer to avoid calling to update
  lists everytime a package is installed.

* [fix] More updates into core-admin-installer.py to support spanish
  language to check if the domain name was provided.

* [fix] Updated core-admin-installer.py to properly initialize locale
  subsystem to properly handle utf-8 strings.

* [fix] Added more translations into the core-admin-installer.py. Now
  is fully available in Spanish. Nice! Added support to detect wrong
  values at the servername and while configuring certificate. Fixed
  wrong main window redrawing while showing an error.

* [fix] Several updates into the central server and various core-admin
  agent's handlers to make it work checker's automatic deployment.

* [fix] Several updates into core-admin-installer.py to redisplay
  window every time an error box, dialog or input is closed.

* [fix] Fixed agent close handler at server to Nonify machine
  reference when it was found disconnected because it was removed.

* [fix] added additional translations into join login window.

* [fix] Fixed checker auto-detection when triggered from the panel. It
  wasn't working fast and the user had to fight with the interface to
  get all checkers deployed and detected.

* [fix] Making app-builder single list generator to track when a
  single list view was created to avoid creating the same function
  several times.

* [fix] Fixed common errors inside collectors (cpu_usage.py,
  memory_status.py and disk_status.py) which weren't properly
  reporting errors found and weren't using command.run.

* [fix] Fixed app-builder to produce single list main views with
  scroll support when they are connected to buttons. Found an error
  while adding Moodle 2.5 support to applications where the last item
  wasn't shown because not scroll support was available.

* [fix] Updaetd pkg-builder to include new moodle2.5 web installer.

* [new] Updated webhosting management application to support web-app
  installer for Moodle 2.5...

* [fix] General update to include support for an API that allows
  notifying step state during installation. Now the installer that
  runs on the agent is able to notify installation progress and
  messages that are showed to the operation that is installing the
  application. This way installers gives a better feel about that what
  they are doing.

* [fix] Some additional fixings into mail admin installer.

* [fix] Updated webhosting management installer to use new step
  installer API to notify progress and what's been done.

* [fix] Updated renamed process checker to detect a new form of
  amavisd exception.

* [fix] Updated application deployment to flag as not installed and
  not usable (use_application = 0) when application's installer fails.

* [fix] Updated crad-service.py to support calling services ending by
  _service.py and _service.pyc

* [fix] Updated web-client Applications installer to not drop a log
  "Application installed" when it fails.

* [fix] Updated mail_admin to create vacation user as system to ensure
  it doesn't block for gecos.

* [fix] Fixed horde installation inside mail admin installer.

* [fix] Updated apache2 checker to flag ssl port to be skiped by
  default to avoid problems. The user can configure it later.

* [fix] Fixed webhosting management installer to not use mysql.  for
  the default configuration used for the phpmyadmin.

* [fix] Updated mail admin to indicate in the help that the domain to
  be restricted or allowed by an exception goes without @.

* [fix] Several updates to make core-admin-pkg-builder to produce a
  new package (core-admin-app-builder). Updated app-builder to work
  under development and under customer final destination. Several
  updates into debian control files.

* [fix] More updates to core-admin-app-builder to make it usable for
  normal users..

* [fix] More updates into core-admin app-builder files to support
  building out side core-admin environment..

* [fix] Updated core-admin app-builder to create a default translation

* [fix] Fixed typo error at application management.

* [fix] Updated machine management.set installed method to check if
  status parameter is defined (for old core-admins).

* [new] Updated core_admin_common.support module to include a new
  method strip () that implements the string.strip () but with
  additional checks.

* [fix] Several updates into mail admin to check when the end date
  wasn't defined for the vacation configuration. Also updated code to
  detect when start at isn't defined to default it to today's day.

* [fix] Updated app-builder's template module to better report where
  content will be placed.

* [fix] Fixed cron dns admin refresher to use .pyc termination..

* [fix] Fixed automatic deployment of applications when a change is

* [fix] Updated IP blocker to avoid blocking users when a core-admin
  login is detected.

* [fix] Fixed webhosting management application to avoid creating FTP
  users bigger than 32 characters. Fixed automatic password creation
  when empty password is received.

* [fix] Updated crad-server-mgr.py to allow showing core-admin users
  detected from certain ip.

* [fix] Making app-builder to detect when you have used print ()
  declaration in applications and checkers to drop a warning.

* [fix] Making app-builder to include the default import inside
  support.py (from core_admin_common import checker).

* [fix] Updated run_checker handler to detect when checkers report
  None or nothing. Now the tool doesn't break but report that this is
  what is happening.

* [fix] Updated core_admin_agent.checker to detect None reported
  values from checkers to better react.

* [fix] Updated core-admin's web-client to allow stopping events when
  they are received too fast. This allows to keep on receiving them
  but not to handle them directly.

* [fix] Several updates into core-admin app-builder to support placing
  same label inside the same application (in different objects). Now
  the tool creates an internal label that is used by the application
  to place it into .html and to link that with buttons created.

* [fix] Several updates into core-admin platform to record last ip
  that was used for each agent connected. Updated machine management
  application to show list of connecting ips.

* [fix] Updated crad-log-watcher to reduce the amount of file system
  change detected events by recording md5 hashing for files notified.

* [fix] Additional fixing when local_command.send replies None inside

* [fix] Updated security.report_incident to return None when last_id

* [fix] Updated database module to report the query that failed.

* [fix] Fixed app-builder to use proper label names at the places that
  is required to find domNode and node label to used to create

* [fix] Fixed webhosting management to produce proftpd limitation user
  (to make it work when read-only is configured).

* [fix] Updated core-admin webhosting management to properly update
  FTP limits while setting readonly options.

* [fix] Updated server security.py to avoid dropping a log at the
  server every time a failure is found while recording an incident.

* [fix] Updated mail admin application due to app-builder updates..

* [fix] Updated core-admin-installer.py to configure no cache headers
  to ensure the panels always loads the latest version.

* [fix] Updated core_admin_common.dijit_tree.append to allow
  supporting init_method attribute. This way server side can control
  which init method (javascript) is called to handle a particular

* [fix] Updated app-builder to produce support.py file for application
  templates. Updated the tool to also translate __NAMESPACE__ string
  at server side services (it was only done at javascript side).

* [new] Updated coreAdmin.Support module to include a new function
  that allows getting a javascript reference by its string name (even
  having dots in the middle). API added:

  - coreAdmin.Support.getFuncByName

* [fix] Fixed coreAdmin.Applications to detect if initMethod is a
  string and use coreAdmin.Support.getFuncByName in that case.

* [fix] Updated core_admin_server.permission.py to properly format
  error string when has_machines () fails.

* [fix] Fixed core-admin agent error detection when None is received
  while sending local command.

* [fix] Fixed crad-log-watcher application to properly import
  enable_independent_notify attribute (it was stored as an string).
  Updated list service to detect and fix the issue.

* [fix] Updated webhosting management expressions to detect a new 
  form of php eval (preg_replace ("/.*/g")

* [fix] Updated DNS-Admin installer to properly stop ext-dnsd server
  to ensure it finishes well.

* [fix] Fixed manage host ips to detect an extrange case where
  host['id'] is None when listing. It looks like a failure at sqlite

* [fix] Updated cron manager to properly handle error code when
  disabling an user's cron.

* [fix] Updated log at core-admin agent when it is not able to to
  create a notification channel.

* [fix] Fixed event viewer to properly last 24 hours events (normal
  events and error ones).

* [fix] Updated crad-backtrace.py to detect --help option and provide
  help when detected.

* [fix] Updated coreAdmin.Support module to include a new method to
  check if an string contains a number. API added:

  - coreAdmin.Support.isNumber

* [fix] Updated coreAdmin.DataTable.show to detect columns that
  contains numbers so when shorting, translate these strings into
  numbers so shorting provides better results.

* [fix] Fixed mail admin application. There was a bug at app-builder
  which wasn't allowing creating the application.

* [fix] Adding fixing inside app-builder to properly allow option
  button to be showed when permissions are used.

* [fix] Various modifications to make core_admin_server.machine to
  better react when a second connection from an agent is found and a
  new connection is received.

* [fix] Updated core_admin_server.machine to avoid dropping messages
  when alive protocol is enabled.

* [fix] Fixed bug inside coreAdmin.Support.isNumber. It was returning
  true for IP addresses.

* [fix] Updated web-client interface to place critical failure
  indications at the beginning rather than every time a failure has to
  be notified.

* [fix] Added initial files to have support for roundcube at mail
  admin installer.

* [fix] Fixed app-builder to make swap-on-click="yes" attribute to
  also work for server applications.

* [new] Several modifications to allow the platform to import and show
  application services and server application services. Added support
  to allow disabling it from the panel, allowing to build policies to
  create demos or any other configuration what requires some services
  to be not allowed.

* [fix] Updated core_admin_common._params.escape_param to detect and
  skip \0 by " ".

* [fix] Updated samba admin to fix a wrong translation. Also updated
  all files due to app-builder update.

* [fix] Some updates to manage host ips to better react to certain

* [fix] Updated coreAdmin.Support.getAppAuth to use target='_blank' to
  avoid replacing current core-admin web session.

* [fix] Updated DNS admin management application to fix some errors
  introduced by app-builder compiler.

* [fix] Making DNS admin installer to report what is it doing.

* [fix] Updated core-admin-installer.py to support small window sizes.

* [fix] Fixed disk_status collector to detect duplicated partitions
  (to avoid showing them) and to detect and fix real paths while
  showing devices..

* [fix] Fixed webhosting management to properly change, update and
  create protected users when then include spaces and "-" inside the
  username or the password.

* [fix] Updated webhosting management to support flagging hosting
  locations as internal. Now it is possible for other applications to
  communicate ports they use (like a webmail) and that shouldn't be
  used by webhosting management.  Added support to register those
  internal ports with a command line that is now used by mail admin

* [fix] Updated DNS admin installer to detect how long is the current
  hostname to avoid just placing "ns1." + host name in the case it is
  too long.

* [fix] Updated mail admin installer to register apache2's site config
  with an specific IP address rather than just *. Updated mail
  installer to support roundcube installation. Reorganized code to
  share it between all php webmails that are supported.

* [fix] Updated dns admin installer to be more resistant to pdns
  server and pdns recursor server starting in the middle without
  configuration. It's a problem that is only shown under

* [fix] Making manage host ips to reload samba service if it is
  present during an /etc/hosts update.

* [fix] Removing cyrus from mail admin installer until it is well

* [fix] Several modifications to skip registering directories that
  aren't allowed by installed masks. Extended this process to the
  directory cache and to the real time directory cache updater.

* [fix] Updated crad-log-watcher init scripts to fix some declarations
  reporting it as core-admin agent rather than crad log watcher.

* [new] Added new handy script to allow easy compilation of a python
  file: core-admin/crad-compile.sh 

* [fix] Additional modifications into core-admin mail-admin's
  installer to use command.run instead of os.system, to configure the
  webmail used and to include additional missing packages to make
  webmails to work.
* [fix] Fixed crad-service.py to support broken service modules inside

* [fix] Several updates into crad-update.py to support ubuntu/precise.

* [fix] Updated mail_admin to fix some /etc/postfix folder

* [fix] Fixed quota support activation for ubuntu precise inside
  webhosting management.  Added support to show hosting stats with
  www.[domain] and without www.[domain].

* [fix] Updated core-admin server component to allow importing into
  the library python source code.

* [fix] Updated MySQL manager to allow configuring max server
  connections through the panel.

* [fix] Several modifications to make application management to allow
  hiding advanced interface options to avoid confusion.

* [fix] Several updates were applied to application management app to
  allow having an easy to use wizzard to disable most important

* [fix] Updated renamed process checker to include additional

* [fix] Fixed bug that shows a critical sign when a non-administrator
  user gets into the panel.

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