[Ext-dns] [ANN] ext-dns 0.3.1 'In you are in doubt, leave it out' release is ready!

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis en aspl.es
Jue Mar 7 13:25:34 CET 2013

                 --== ext-Dns toolkit ==--
              If you are in doubt, leave it out

Advanced Software Production Line is proud to announce a new stable
public release of ext-Dns toolkit.

ext-Dns is a ready to use toolkit that includes a core-library, a
ready to use forward DNS server and some additional tools that will
allow you building DNS solutions that performs additional operations
when a request is received.


   ext-Dns homepage
   [ http://www.aspl.es/ext-dns ]

   Advanced Software Production Line, S.L.
   [ http://www.aspl.es ]

This release in short

 - EXT-DNSD: Improved ext-Dnsd server to restart childs in the case
     they die. Also added support to watch child status to kill them
     in the case they take too much time to finish. Added support to
     see current server state through /var/run/ext-dns.status. Fixed
     some problems while using the cache. Added support to queue
     pending requests that can't be handled because all childs are
     busy, but with a configurable limit, dropping the rest of the

 - LIB-EXTDNS: Several bugs and memory leaks were corrected. Added new
     API functions to ease adding records to query replies.
Changes from previous release

* [fix] Updated ext-dns-query to do query operations using new API
  provided by core library. Updated the tool to allow implementing
  flooding operations against a DNS server.

* [fix] Several memory leaks were fixed inside ext-dnsd.

* [fix] Making the package to not provide an ext-dns.conf by default.

* [fix] Updated signal handling inside ext-dnsd.

* [fix] Fixed comment inside ext-dnsd, while holding the server.

* [fix] Added signal handling to ext-dnsd to allow controlling what to
  when they are received.

* [new] Updated ext-dnsd to handle MX, NS and SOA records through
  child resolvers.

* [new] Several updates were applied to the base C library to include
  support to easily add or create reply NS, MX or SOA records to a DNS
  reply. API added:

  - ext_dns_message_build_mx_reply
  - ext_dns_message_build_ns_reply
  - ext_dns_message_build_soa_reply
  - ext_dns_message_add_mx_reply
  - ext_dns_message_add_ns_reply
  - ext_dns_message_add_soa_reply
* [fix] Added lot of mising documention to the C API.

* [new] Updated ext-dnsD server to allow multiple replies to the same
  question (name: and ipv4:).

* [new] Updated ext dns message API to include new functions 
  to update reply content. API added:

   - ext_dns_message_add_ipv4_reply
   - ext_dns_message_add_cname_reply

* [fix] Updated cache stats to also report cache access and cache
  hits.  Making ext-dnsd to also provide this information through the
  status file.

* [fix] Fixed cache usage. It was broken (uupps).

* [fix] Added support to ext-dnsd to queue and later handle pending
  requests when all children are busy. NICE!

* [new] Updated ext-dnsd code to provide more stats about requests
  received, request served and failures found.

* [new] Several updates to make the ext-dnsd server to detect childs
  not working and to kill and restart a new child. Also added code to
  detect child taking to long to finish command sent to kill them in
  the case timeout is reached.

* [new] Updated ext-dnsd server to create an status file where various
  elements are recorded so an administrator can check what's happening
  with ext-dnsd. Nice!!

* [fix] Updated web files..

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  You can contact us, using English or Spanish, at:

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  We hope ext-Dns may be useful you. Enjoy ext-Dns toolkit!

Francis Brosnan Blázquez           - francis en aspl.es
Advanced Software Production Line  - http://www.aspl.es
7th Mar 2013, Madrid (Spain)

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