[noPoll] noPoll : Query related to I/O mechanism, max concurrent connections.

ayush jain jain.ayush09 en gmail.com
Vie Dic 6 08:08:37 CET 2013

Hello everyone,

It's been a week or so I started up researching on websockets and I landed
up here as I found a lot of interesting things about nopoll. Am very
new to websockets thing, so request you to please don't mind in case
something sounds funny :).

I was seeking some help regarding some aspects about the nopoll library in terms
of performance, I/O mechanism and message posting.

1) Is there any kind of bottleneck or performance issues (if it has been
tested) in case I wish to integrate the same to a server supporting approx
200k simultaneous tcp/tls connections?

2) Does it provide support to integrate to the external I/O mechanism,
lets say if I already have EPoll mechanism at place, and I wish to
integrate the same into it?

3) Let's say if we implement websocket server, Can we do the receive
handling in 1 thread for all the (say max 200000 sockets) and continue
with send operation using multiple threads. In that case do we need
any callback to check if the connection is ready? And also, would I
need some locking before sending my data from any thread or its
already taken care of in noPoll library?

Would really appreciate your responses on the same.


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