[noPoll] Missing nopoll_conn_opts.h in nopoll-installer-0.2.8.b184-w32.exe

Jorge Olmos jorge.olmos.fores en gmail.com
Lun Ene 26 15:40:32 CET 2015


I have compiled a program using nopoll on mingw-win32. First I downloaded
nopoll-installer-0.2.8.b184-w32.exe from
The file nopoll_conn_opts.h is NOT included inside the installation that
deploys nopoll-installer-0.2.8.b184-w32.exe (and it is included from line
53 of nopoll.h, so it is required)

I have downloaded the source code, and addded the missing .h file to my
installation to compile my program succesfully.

You probably will want to add nopoll_conn_opts.h to


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