[noPoll] pelase help, about tls

sumin en trus.co.id sumin en trus.co.id
Vie Jun 12 17:23:04 CEST 2015


im learning nopoll for my application, i plan to use websocket in 
android/ios using ionic framework (html5/js), so i use nopoll for 
websocket server only. if im not using TLS, the server run well, but if 
i try use TLS, the connection wont established.
i hope this info have some clue:
1. i compare packet between my application and websocket.org using 
wireshark. i think the difference begins at "client hello", wireshark 
didnt capture any "client hello" from my application
2. im using blocking socket nopoll_conn_set_sock_block(listener_sock, 
nopoll_true), and later i accept with nopoll_conn_accept(ctx, listener).

1. can i have some sample code about server with TLS?
2. how to show some log/error code from nopoll, i read everyone show 
nopoll log/error, but i cant find one?

thanks in advance


Su Min

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