[noPoll] Bug: nopoll_conn_send_pong

dmex dmex04 en gmail.com
Dom Nov 8 19:34:34 CET 2015


I recently had issues with nopoll sending incorrect PONG replies and
causing timeouts... Debugging with Fiddler showed most websocket
implementations send pong with masking while nopoll doesn't and thus
causing the connection to timeout.

This line:

nopoll_conn_send_frame(conn, nopoll_true, nopoll_false, NOPOLL_PONG_FRAME...

Should be passing true for the second parameter:

nopoll_conn_send_frame(conn, nopoll_true, nopoll_true, NOPOLL_PONG_FRAME...

Is this actually a bug in nopoll or just some servers require PONG with masking?

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