[noPoll] How to receive noPoll WebSocket ping acknowledge?

Rami Rosenbaum rami en modularity.co.il
Sab Nov 14 23:30:56 CET 2015

Hablo muy male Espaniol, losiento...

I'm using noPoll WebSocket lib within my Qt application (4.8 - no native
web-socket API).
Due to socket disconnections I added the PING-PONG functionality.
My intention was to recreate the web-socket if n PINGs fail.
Looking at the noPoll logs - I'm receiving PONGs.
*Ho do I know if the PING fails?*
The call nopoll_conn_send_ping() always returns (2), even on success...
If I disconnect the internet connection - how can I catch a 'fail' or

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