[noPoll] [ANN] noPoll 0.4.2 Devil's Haircut is ready!

Francis Brosnan Blázquez francis.brosnan en aspl.es
Mie Ago 24 16:16:00 CEST 2016

                  --== noPoll toolkit ==--
                      Devil's Haircut

Advanced Software Production Line is proud to announce a new stable
release of the noPoll toolkit.

noPoll is a OpenSource WebSocket implementation (RFC 6455), written in
ANSI C, that allows building pure WebSocket solutions or to provide
WebSocket support to existing TCP oriented applications.

Commercially supported, noPoll was written to have a clean, easy to
use and integrate library. It is released under the terms of LGPL 2.1
(so you can build OpenSource or commercial applications) and currently
is being heavily used by Vortex Library, Turbulence and Core-Admin to
provide WebSocket support to those projects (some of them using BEEP
over WebSocket).


   noPoll homepage
   [ http://www.aspl.es/nopoll ]

   Commercial support
   [ http://www.aspl.es/nopoll/commercial.html ]

   Advanced Software Production Line, S.L.
   [ http://www.aspl.es ]

   Featured project: Core-Admin
   [ http://www.core-admin.com ]

This release in short

   - Improved SSL/TLS detection, enabling/disabling code accordingly

   - Bug fixes 

Thanks to

  - Ondrej Zaruba (reported nopoll_loop_wait thread dead lock when
    combined with nopoll_thread_handlers)

  - Chris Severance (reported compilation failures when SSLv3 is not

  - github.com/chris.buchter (provided get_url API patch).

  - Félix Faisant (reported missing files and compilation errors)

  - Peter Lecuyer (reported missing R_OK symbol under windows+msvc and
    wrong variable ordering)

Changes from previous release

* [fix] Several updates to make nopoll compilation process to detect
  all SSL/TLS methods available and update headers so noPoll internal
  code can react but also API consumers can also take advantage of
  these indications. Added support for TLS1.2 and for TlS flexible
  configuration (though added security considerations to it). Updated
  regression test test_19 to check TLSv1.2 client and server support.

* [fix] Updated nopoll regression test code to use threading locking
  code by default to ensure that all code tested is under threading
  support (which at the end covers non threaded code).

* [fix] Several to fix dead locks and races when using non-recursive
  mutexes through nopoll_thread_handlers. Fixed dead lock when
  connection close received while using nopoll_loop_wait API (reported
  by Ondrej Zaruba). Updated nopoll_conn_ref/unref to fix possible
  races. Added reg test (test_36) to reproduce and check fix

* [fix] added support to detect SSLv3 methods and remove support for
  it in the case they are not present. Added missing
  pthread_mutexattr_init/destroy inside regression test.

* [fix] Added additional code to disable NOPOLL_METHOD_SSLV3 when it
  is not available (reported by Chris Severance)

* [fix] Several fixings applied to allow compiling noPoll on Windows
  (Windows 7 64 tested).  Renamed parameters using "interface"
  keyword. Removed conditionally binding interface code so it is not
  available on windows (until we have support for it). Added header
  definitions for nopoll_config_win32/win64.h to include headers for
  SSL/TLS includes.  Fixed compilation errors in regression tests.
* [fix] Updated nopoll.h header to set a default FD_SETSIZE to 4096 so
  users can have a bigger default values for precompiled binaries.
  Added documentation to explain how to change/update this value.  The
  value is only applied when including project do not define it before

* [new] Added the ability to retrieve the get_url of a nopoll_conn.

* [new] Fixed get_url change to check for NULL conn.

* [fix] Updated default libnopoll.def to include missing declaration.

* [fix] Added default Changelog and NEWS file to avoid annoying error
  by autoconf (reported by Félix Faisant).

* [fix] Updated nopoll_conn_set_bind_interface to support Mac/OSX case
  (IP_RECVIF). Fixed wrong if name indication (was adding +1)

* [fix] Updated nopoll-regression-client.c to also detect errno
  ETIMEDOUT in test-04b (fixes Mac/os regression test).

* [fix] Minor contact update inside regression tests.

* [fix] Added possible missing R_OK definition to nopoll headers
  when compiling under windows+msvc (reported by Peter Lecuyer).

* [fix] Reorganized variables at nopoll_conn_produce_accept_key to
  have them first and then the rest of the code (reported by Peter

* [fix] Updated nopoll_conn_get_msg to have some castings to avoid 
  MSVC compilation problems (reported by Peter Lecuyer).

About Advanced Software Production Line, S.L. (ASPL)

  Advanced Software Production Line (ASPL) provides GNU/Linux support
  and consulting services to enable organisation to introduce
  GNU/Linux into their processes, making other platforms to properly
  interact with it.

  You can contact us, using English or Spanish, at:

       http://www.aspl.es - info en aspl.es

  We hope noPoll may be useful you. Enjoy noPoll toolkit!

Francis Brosnan Blázquez           - francis en aspl.es
Advanced Software Production Line  - http://www.aspl.es
24th Aug 2016, Madrid (Spain)

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