[noPoll] connection with windows websocket client

Levent Sezgin Genc leventsezgin.genc en gmail.com
Vie Ene 22 01:54:40 CET 2016

I am trying to run install nopoll in an win10 laptop.However
./configure command ends saying connot find OpenSSL installation.

However, OpenSSL is already installed (by the way nopoll binaries are also
installed via installation exe)

Why do I receive this error?

My aim is to run nopoll as websocket server on a windows pc.
The client applications which are windows applicatios developed via C# will
communicate with the server thorugh microsoft provided websocket techniques.

In other words; if I change the point of view; I am doing interop tests
between microsoft .NET application developed in c# and using
Microsoft.Networking.WebSocket Client and nopol webSocket Server.

If this already achieved; I would be glad if you can share your experiences
with me.

Best regards
Levent Genç

Ps: MinGW, OpenSSL already installed.

I get the following error when I run ./configure


checking size of long... 4
checking size of int... 4
checking size of void *... 4
checking sys/poll.h usability... no
checking sys/poll.h presence... no
checking for sys/poll.h... no
checking for epoll(2) support... no
checking openssl/ssl.h usability... no
checking openssl/ssl.h presence... no
checking for openssl/ssl.h... no
configure: error: Cannot find OpenSSL installation. Unable to build noPoll:
this is a requirement.
sh-3.1$ openssl
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