[noPoll] interactions between nopoll_conn and bsd sockets

Morel Bérenger berenger.morel en sga-automation.com
Lun Dic 18 15:08:08 CET 2017


I have noticed in nopoll's documentation that it is possible provide a
standard socket to nopoll (through nopoll_conn_new_with_socket), but
there is no mention about who is then responsible of that's sockets
lifetime and/or related data.

Actually, I am doing several assumptions about that, and I would like to
know if I am right:

* nopoll does not takes the socket's ownership (it won't close it),
* the socket can be used in a pollfd struct for polling (I would guess
it's the primary reason for that construction variant),
* reading or writing from/to the socket is unsafe and would make nopoll
unreliable (sounds obvious and logic to me, but I'd like to confirm that).

So, could someone confirm or infirm those points? Thanks.

PS: when registering to the mailing list through the english version of
the nopoll's website, the page I started on was in spanish, I'm not sure
if this is intended. Fortunately, the page was not very different
compared to the ML I have already used.

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