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Kale, Rahul Rahul.Kale en barco.com
Mar Feb 14 16:03:43 CET 2017

Also, please refer to my posts back in June 2016 to the mailing list regarding various issues with the final flag.



On Feb 14, 2017 6:43 AM, Emmanuel Puig <emmanuel.puig en amarisoft.com> wrote:

I'm Emmanuel Puig from Amarisoft company and we are using your stack for
I've reported a patch few years ago that you had integrated.

Here is another patch proposal for a bug we encounter with huge amount
of transferred data.

At the end of a transfer, if the final fragment is received from socket
in chunks, each chunk is tagged as final and fragment
This forbids to detect the exact end of the message.

The patch avoids to set final when if there are remaining data.

Best regards,

Emmanuel Puig
Amarisoft R&D Director

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