[noPoll] [ANN] noPoll 'Black Hole Sun' 0.4.4 is ready!

Francis Brosnan Blázquez francis.brosnan en aspl.es
Vie Jun 9 17:08:28 CEST 2017

                   --== noPoll toolkit ==--
                       Black Hole Sun

Advanced Software Production Line is proud to announce a new stable
release of the noPoll toolkit.

noPoll is a OpenSource WebSocket implementation (RFC 6455), written in
ANSI C, that allows building pure WebSocket solutions or to provide
WebSocket support to existing TCP oriented applications.

Commercially supported, noPoll was written to have a clean, easy to
use and integrate library. It is released under the terms of LGPL 2.1
(so you can build OpenSource or commercial applications) and currently
is being heavily used by Vortex Library, Turbulence and Core-Admin to
provide WebSocket support to those projects (some of them using BEEP
over WebSocket).


   noPoll homepage
   [ http://www.aspl.es/nopoll ]

   Commercial support
   [ http://www.aspl.es/nopoll/commercial.html ]

   Advanced Software Production Line, S.L.
   [ http://www.aspl.es ]

   Featured project: Core-Admin
   [ http://www.core-admin.com ]

This release in short

  - Several bugs were fixed, including several updates to improve
    noPoll's stability while retrying, recovering partial transfers,
    improved building and windows support.

Thanks to

  - Javier Celaya (updates for building scripts, header includes
    updates and linking for windows, several updates to pending write
    codes around SSL code, fixings to ping/pong, set WSASetLastError,
    removed retry code for writing, replaced by EWOULDBLOCK logic).

  - Sergio Lopez (Support for sending/receiving messages bigger than

  - Elmar Siek (reported on ready not working on client side).

  - Emmanuel Puig (reported and fixed fragment detection for final
    messages after big transferes)

  - Tony Mountifields (reported wrong break, replaced by return at
    ctx_unregister_conn, old gcc support )

Changes from previous release

* Run configure conditionally from autogen.sh

* Include $(top_builddir)/src when building tests. This is needed when
  doing an out-of-sources build, to find nopoll_config.h

* Include ws2tcpip.h on Windows

* It provides the definition of struct addrinfo and related functions.
  Also, define _WIN32_WINNT as 0x0501 so that these funtions are

* Link against ws2_32.dll on Windows

* [fix] Web files updates..

* [fix] Read messages bigger then 64KB

* [fix] Send messages bigger than 64KB

* [fix] Fix handling pending write data

* [fix] When SSL_write returns EAGAIN, it keeps a pointer to the data
  buffer that was being written. This buffer must exist the next time
  that SSL_write is called. So, this commit recycles the send_buffer
  in nopoll_conn_send_frame as pending_write, instead of creating a
  new buffer and copying so many data around.

  Besides, nopoll_conn_send_frame correctly returns all the bytes as
  written, since they are kept in the pending_write buffer. Otherwise,
  the caller will try to write the same data again.

* [fix] Fix WS PING/PONG implementation

  WebSocket specification, section 5.5.3, states that 'A Pong frame
  sent in response to a Ping frame must have identical "Application
  data" as found in the message body of the Ping frame being replied
  to'. This commit does that, instead of returning an empty Pong

* [fix] Check ENOTCONN on SSL_connect error

  This happens on Windows (at least) when the TCP connection is not
  yet established.

* [fix] Updated nopoll_conn_new documentation (fixed typo)

* [fix] Updated nopoll-conn module to include common code to call
  defined on_ready function for client side code too (it was already
  supported by listener side). Reported by Elmar Sieke.

* [fix] Updated nopoll-conn API to include a new function to help API
  consumer of nopoll_conn_read to know if there are more pending bytes
  to be read. It fixes interation reported by Turbulence, in case of
  SSL+WebSocket+BEEP and child process with different users (forcing
  to activate proxy connections between parent process holding
  receiving socket and child handling messages received other it).

   - nopoll_conn_read_pending

* [fix] Improved has_fin and is_fragment detection for final messages
  after big transfer. Reported and fix provided by Emmanuel Puig
  (emmanuel.puig en amarisoft.com)

* [fix] Fixed nopoll_ctx_unregister_conn to do "return;" instead of
  "break;" when the connection is found. Avoids double mutex unlock
  call. Bug reported and fixed by Tony Mountifields

* [fix] Allow building with old GCC that does not support

* [fix] Silence warning on old GCC about potentially uninitialised

* [fix] Check stack protector options for gcc to be available to
  include them during configure (by @softins Tony Mountifield )

* [fix] Set errno in Windows too

  Use WSASetLastError in Windows whenever errno is set in Unix

* [fix] Set errno to EWOULDBLOCK when there is no full message

* [fix] In nopoll_conn_read, if nopoll_conn_get_msg returns NULL, the
  connection is still ok and a non-blocking call has been requested,

* [fix] Remove retry loops and return EWOULDBLOCK

* [fix] When SSL_get_error returns that more data is needed, or the
  system call has been interrupted, set errno to EWOULDBLOCK instead
  of retrying 50 times.

* [fix] Return EWOULDBLOCK instead of retrying read & write (do not
  retry after -2/retry-operation-allowed is reported). Reported by
  Javier Celaya jcelaya.

* [fix] Several updates to make nopoll_conn_send_frame to return the
  amount of bytes written to the wire but not just fixed length. Also
  updated the function to report -2 when no byte was written and
  NOPOLL_EWOULD_BLOCK is reported by errno.  Updated the function to
  also record added_header_size:

       conn->pending_write_added_header = header_size;

  ...to help nopoll_conn_complete_pending_write to report bytes
  written to the write without including bytes added by noPoll due to

* [fix] Updated documentation to better report values returned by:

   - nopoll_conn_send_text
   - nopoll_conn_send_text_fragment
   - nopoll_conn_send_binary

About Advanced Software Production Line, S.L. (ASPL)

  Advanced Software Production Line (ASPL) provides GNU/Linux support
  and consulting services to enable organisation to introduce
  GNU/Linux into their processes, making other platforms to properly
  interact with it.

  You can contact us, using English or Spanish, at:

       http://www.aspl.es - info en aspl.es

  We hope noPoll may be useful you. Enjoy noPoll toolkit!

Francis Brosnan Blázquez           - francis en aspl.es
Advanced Software Production Line  - http://www.aspl.es
9th Jun 2017, Madrid (Spain)

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