[noPoll] nopoll_loop_wait(ctx,0) unexpectedly exited

Francis Brosnan Blázquez francis.brosnan en aspl.es
Mar Sep 19 13:41:27 CEST 2017

Hello Tony.

> OK, looking in the code for nopoll_loop_wait(), it appears the only
> two ways
> the loop can exit are:
> - ctx->keep_looping cets cleared. This only happens in
> nopoll_loop_stop()
> - the wait operation exits with -1 for some reason

That's right.

> I didn't have nopoll logging enabled, so can't tell if it was the
> second.


> It looks like I could recover from the latter situation with the
> kludge:
>   do {
>     nopoll_loop_wait(ctx,0);
>   } while(ctx->keep_looping);
> That would re-invoke it if it had exited abnormally due to a wait
> error.

That would do in essense. To complete this, I've updated
nopoll_loop_wait code to report -3 for timeout errors and -4 for I/O
wait engine errors.


This way you can extend your solution to only keep on looping on this


Best Regards.

> Cheers
> Tony

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