[noPoll] nopoll_conn_read_pending doesn't seem to be working

Bill Goetz bgoetz at store-intelligence.com
Fri Aug 21 21:20:15 CEST 2020


So I'm using your nopoll WebSocket library, which I think is really solid!
I am having a problem though with nopoll_conn_read_pending() not returning anything > 0.

Here's a small code snip-it.  It's never getting to either of the printf's after the nopoll_conn_read_pending() call.
I also know that the server this code is connected to IS writing data on this socket because if I comment out the call to nopoll_conn_read_pending(),  data IS read during the nopoll_conn_read() call.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated!

printf("before nopoll_conn_read_pending\n");
while ( 1 ) {
     // printf("inside while before nopoll_conn_read_pending\n");
     retStatus = nopoll_conn_read_pending (g_pWebConn);
     if (retStatus > 0) {
          printf("AHA! retStatus = %d\n", retStatus);

printf("after nopoll_conn_read_pending retStatus = %d\n", retStatus);

if ( retStatus > 0 ) {
     n_read_int = nopoll_conn_read (g_pWebConn, (char *)(buf + n_read_sum), n_to_read, nopoll_false, 1000);
} else n_read_int = retStatus;

Bill Goetz

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