[Valvula] valvula install problems

Martin Thomas Schrott list en mtsonline.at
Mar Mar 3 10:42:19 CET 2015

dear all,

we try to install valvula on a centos7 system.

we installed the axl and the gcc to meet the prerequisites. MYSQL-devel 
(mariadb-devel) also exists.
After that we downloaded the src file of the current release and 
extracted it, following the instructions.

But there seems to be an error in the source package, because
gives only the following result:
config.status: error: cannot find input file: `doc/valvula.doxygen.in'

may the doc files be missing in the src file? the option to disable 
(enable) valvula-doc does not work either, it gives the same error 
message, when I try to disable doc creation.
Wonder how others could install valvula, am I doing something wrong?
hope you can help us!


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