[Valvula] mod-bwl case sensitivity

Rosario Esposito rosario.esposito en na.infn.it
Lun Sep 7 23:15:24 CEST 2015

Dear developers,
first of all thanks for the valvula project, it really works very well.

I'm trying to use the mod-bwl plugin on my postfix listserver but what I 
actually need is to make the comparison of an email address against the 
blacklist/whitelist rules to be case-insensitive.
So, I replaced any occurrence of "axl_cmp" calls in valvula.c with 
"axl_casecmp" and recompile the sources.
It looks this did the trick but I wonder if there is a more appropriate 
way to implement this feature.


Rosario Esposito
System Administrator
INFN - Napoli
Phone: +39 081 676170
Email: Rosario.Esposito en na.infn.it

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