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Francis Brosnan Blázquez francis.brosnan en aspl.es
Dom Jun 11 16:36:30 CEST 2017

Hi Jim,

>From your description, I think you have everything configured ok, but
for some reason, valvula is not being able to detect known valid
accounts because:

        is sending with an unknown account mail from
        <jim en datamantic.com> (mod-slm=valid-mail-from)

Can you right the following commands and paste output to give you
further indications?

>> valvulad --version
>> valvulad -l jim en datamantic.com

El vie, 09-06-2017 a las 16:30 -0400, Jim Bassett escribió:

> Hi. New to valvula and to the list. The software looks like exactly
> what I need. I am running postfix (w/ dovecot) on Centos 6.6.
> Installation was relatively easy. I am trying to setup mod-slm for the
> purpose of stopping "those situations where compromised accounts are
> used to send/relay content to recipients using source addresses that
> do not belong to the server”.
> Valvula is running. If I tail -f /var/log/maillog I can see it is
> logging. But I am not getting the behavior I expect. I’m not sure if
> this is because I have something wrong or if I’m not understanding the
> expected behavior.
> My issue is that when I connect to my server from my home machine, and
> try to send mail (through Apple mail.app) my mail is rejected. Here is
> the corresponding entry from /var/log/maillog:
> Jun  9 15:59:59 oak valvulad[22026]: info: REJECT: jim en datamantic.com
> -> redacted en gmail.com (sasl_user=jim en datamantic.com), port 3080,
> queue-id , from 98.14.xx.xxx: Rejecting because SASL username
> <jim en datamantic.com> is sending with an unknown account mail from
> <jim en datamantic.com> (mod-slm=valid-mail-from)
> jim en datamantic.com is my real email account on the server (with an
> entry in the postfix mysql database). 
> In /etc/postfix/main.cf I have only made one change:
> smtpd_sender_restrictions = check_policy_service inet:,
> reject_unknown_sender_domain, permit_mynetworks,
> permit_sasl_authenticated, reject_unauth_destination, permit
> And in /etc/valvula/main.cf I have, inside <general>:
> <listen host='' port='3080'>
> 	<run module='mod-slm' />
> </listen>
> and inside <enviroment>:
> <sender-login-mismatch mode='valid-mail-from'
> allow-empty-mail-from='yes' />
> And valvula seems to have access to the database because if I run:
> valvulad -b
> I get:
> INFO: Database connection working OK
> What I would expect to happen is that when I am logged in as the real
> email user jim en datamantic.com, that I would be able to send email that
> says it is from jim en datamantic.com, but be rejected only if I try to
> send email as some-nonexistent-account en datamantic.com or
> some-nonexistent-account en nonexistent-domain.com.
> I really appreciate any help! Thank you!
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