[Vortex] TLS + SASL auth ?

milton.yates at loule.info milton.yates at loule.info
Thu May 11 11:59:27 CEST 2006


I'm looking for a way to do the use TLS encrypted only channels, then authenticate clients. I was thinking of using the SASL support provided by vortex.

Can I use both TLS and SASL? For example by accepting TLS negociations, then SASL negociations? I have not yet tested this, any thoughts on this?

Another question I have is whether it is possible:
- for the TLS connected client to actually GET the server certificate so that he can actually verify the content and validity of the certificate. I did not find anything yet on this in the doc.

- for the TLS clients to use their own X509 client certificates, and for the server to be able to receive these cert and do whatever to validate them. This is sort of a TLS certificate-based authentication. Is this planned in any way?

Thanks a lot for the replies (Francis? ;) )

Milton Yates.

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