[Vortex] users of Vortex?

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Tue Apr 3 19:05:40 CEST 2007

El mar, 03-04-2007 a las 08:51 -0400, Adam Goode escribió:
> Hi,

Welcome to the list Adam!

> Is there a list of projects using Vortex? I looked, but could not find
> such a thing. 

You are right, there is no such thing yet.

> I would be very interested to know what kinds of projects
> are using Vortex and finding it useful.
> Maybe people could reply to this, and someone could compile a list for
> the web site?
> (Apologies if I have missed this information somewhere!)

Currently we are using vortex as a transport layer for the af-arch
project [1]. This project is being used to create several client/server
applications, some of them published at [2].

We are also using Vortex to create some tools, (all of them not
published but the source code is available), like shaper [3], that
allows to perform xml-rpc invocations, where its results are placed into
an xml file as xslt does. I think this is a quite interesting tool.

In ther other hand, we are providing commercial support to companies
that are building solutions based on Vortex, but I can't provide you too
much detail.

> Thanks very much,


> Adam 

[1] http://fact.aspl.es
[2] http://www.aspl.es/fact/index.php?id=33
[3] https://dolphin.aspl.es/svn/publico/shaper/
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