[Vortex] Feature Suggestion

Milton YATES milton.yates at loule.info
Wed Aug 22 08:50:29 CEST 2007

On Wednesday 22 August 2007 00:30:39 Yourch, Chris wrote:
> Are there any plans for creating a Vortex "stream" type that could be
> used to transfer large numbers of bytes?  For example, you could open up
> a file on your local system, attach it to a VortexFileStream and pass
> this to vortex_channel_send_msg() which has been updated to take a
> VortexFileStream instead of the usual const char *message and int
> message_size parameters.
> Thanks!


I would also be interested in this kind of feature or a "clean" way to do it 
with the existing api.


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