[Vortex] Feature Suggestion

Sam Roberts sroberts at uniserve.com
Fri Aug 24 02:37:53 CEST 2007

On Thu, Aug 23, 2007 at 10:38:18AM -0400, Yourch, Chris wrote:
> From: Francis Brosnan Blazquez [mailto:francis at aspl.es] 
> Hi Chris,
> > Are there any plans for creating a Vortex "stream" type that could be
> > used to transfer large numbers of bytes?  For example, you could open
> > up a file on your local system, attach it to a VortexFileStream and
> > pass this to vortex_channel_send_msg()which has been updated to take a
> > VortexFileStream instead of the usual const char *message and int
> > message_size parameters.
> Though the idea is good, it is a matter of implementing a BEEP profile
> to extend the core function provided. In fact this is the idea of BEEP.

I'm not sure its so simple. Vortex can only send a message that is in
memory (const char*, size_t), though BEEP contains the ability to send a
message as a series of frames, which is useful for large messages.

If I defined a simple profile where the MSG data was the file, and a RPY
or an ERR indicated successful/unsucessful upload, how would I send that
MSG if the file was larger than available memory?

Through VortexOnFrameReceived() there is good receiving-side support for
streamed/large messages, but there doesn't seem to be the same level of
support on the sending side.


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