[Vortex] Auto-discard notification

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Mon Dec 10 14:10:56 CET 2007

Hi Amiaux,

> Just to be sure, the sample application I provided also crash when I
> use 
> vortex_connection_shutdown on the listener and not 
> vortex_connection_close. Did you manage to reproduce it ?

Ok, I didn't test the other case. With the latest changes introduced,
I've updated your test case to allow creating any number of
vortex_init/vortex_exit cycles (with both cases). Check attachment..

> What I'm trying to achieve is to inform the vortex engine that it
> must 
> stop accept new connections on the specified listener (because I want
> to 
> actually stop the module)

For this case, I would use vortex_connection_shutdown (as used in your
updated example, followed by a vortex_exit). vortex_connection_close
includes BEEP logic that could lead to be able to close it (mostly
because the other side denies to close...)

> This raises another issue, how do I actually close connections opened
> by 
> one specified listener ? I assumed they were closed when killing the 
> listener. 

I've updated the vortex listener module to include a function that shutdown
the listener and all associated connections created due to its function.
  - vortex_listener_shutdown

See the minimal example I've attached. The example shutdowns a listener
(the one running at 1400 port, if the count is reached). This makes the
listener to stop running and all connections created on that listener
to be closed immediately.


> Thanks,
> AMIAUX Benoît

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