[Vortex] [ANN] Vortex Library stable release 1.0.1 is ready!

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Fri Feb 23 09:52:54 CET 2007

       ##  Vortex Library 1.0.1 Stable Release  ##

Release note

  Advanced Software Production Line is proud to announce the Vortex
  Library 1.0.1 availability: an open source "BEEP Core" protocol
  implementation written in C, mapped onto TCP/IP.

  Vortex Library has been developed inside the Af-Arch project as its
  data transport layer.

  Vortex Library is a stable and robust application protocol
  development toolkit. Currently it is running under Microsoft Windows
  and GNU/Linux platforms.

  Check out the following links to get ready with Vortex Library:

    - http://vortex.aspl.es
      [Vortex Library homepage]
    - http://www.sf.net/projects/vortexlibrary
      [Sources and Win32 binaries]

    - http://fact.aspl.es
      [Af-Arch homepage where Vortex Library is being developed]

    - http://www.beepcore.org
      [BEEP Core community web site]

    - http://xml.aspl.es
      [Axl Library, XML 1.0 implementation]
The release in short
  This new release includes a vortex listener API update to enable
  applications to start and stop selected listeners. 

  It is also included a new vortex TLS API which allows full control
  while creating SSL context, allowing to configure any minimal detail
  such cipher list, verification options, etc.

Thanks to..
  Thomas Unterleitner (detected and fixed wrong empty struct 
  declaration, wrong variable order declaration inside 

  Milton Yates (deteced and fixedwrong -ltermcap declaration for 
  vortex-client and for its appreciated gentoo package support).

Changes since 1.0
* [fix] Making frame received notification to increase channel
  reference counting just after notifying the frame, and to decrease

* [fix] Minimal vortex internal updates to conform Axl Library API.

* [fix] Removed empty struct declared but not used (Reported and Fixed
  by Thomas Unterleitner).

* [fix] Fixed wrong variable order declaration inside
  vortex_channel_update_incoming_buffer (Reported and Fixed by Thomas

* [fix] Removed vortex_writer_data_free function. No longer used.

* [fix] Replaced previous calls to g_realloc with realloc.

* [fix] General update to ensure memory handling is not done through
* [fix] Updating exarg files included inside the xml-rpc-gen tool.

* [fix] Removing vortex sequencer semaphore from the API documentation
  and making vortex sequencer module to not create the semaphore that
  is no longer used.

* [fix] General update to the test files, ansificating them (problems
  with comments nothing more).

* [fix] Applied general change to make gint to be replaced by plain
  int type. Also renamed GPOINTER_TO_INT and GINT_TO_POINTER to
  PTR_TO_INT and INT_TO_PTR macros.

* [fix] Global update to make gpointer and gboolean to be no longer
  used and instead used axlPointer and bool.

* [fix] Added two new internal definitions to handle function
   - v_return_if_fail
   - v_return_val_if_fail

* [fix] Replaced all calls to g_return_if_fail and
  g_return_val_if_fail with the appropriate macros. Updated libvortex
  and xml-rpc-gen tool.

* [fix] Making vortex_log to not use ansi characters if compiled
  without gnu gcc tools.

* [fix] fixed bug inside vortex_io.c module (a function was returning
  from a function returning void).

* [fix] fixed some warnings exposed by visual studio. Committing visual
  studio files to compile libvortex and its regression tests.

* [new] Added new test to check new features added: closing listeners
  created and unregistering profiles. Test file name:

* [new] Added support to make possible to close listeners created. Now
  vortex_listener_new, vortex_listener_new2 and
  vortex_listener_new_full returns references to the listener created

* [new] Added a new function to create a listener, which provides a
  notification with the listener created, providing the reference of
  the listener. Also added a new associated handler. API added:

   - vortex_listener_new_full
   - VortexListenerReadyFull

* [new] Added a new function to allow unregistering profiles. API

   - vortex_profiles_unregister

* [fix] Replaced all calls to g_build_filename with

* [fix] Making vortex-regression-client to not check SASL DIGEST-MD5
  under windows platform until fixed gsasl problem.

* [fix] some fixings to make Visual C 6.0 to be happy.

* [fix] Fixing wrong definition of vortex_log at vortex headers while
  compiling with Visual C 6.0.

* [fix] Removed -ltermpcap link flag from vortex-client compilation
  (Reported and Fixed by Milton Yates).

* [fix] fixed minor warning inside vortex tls module.

* [new] Implemented an alternative method to configure the TLS
  process, providing all control to create the SSL_CTX object, which
  is the element defined to drive all the process. Now the library
  will provided a way to configure a global or per connection handler
  to be executed to create the SSL_CTX object. API added:
   - vortex_tls_set_ctx_creation
   - vortex_tls_set_default_ctx_creation
   - VortexTlsCtxCreation (handler)

* [new] Provided to the vortex tls module a way to install globally or
  per connection a function to be called to perform a post-check, once
  the TLS activation process have finished. API added:

   - vortex_tls_set_post_check
   - vortex_tls_set_default_post_check
   - VortexTlsPostCheck (handler).

* [fix] Fixed several missing "const" declaration inside vortex
  channel, vortex frame factory and vortex xml rpc.

* [fix] removing limitations found inside the status documentation,
  about TLS.  They are now implemented. Updating version file and
  module export.

* [fix] Fixing minor warnings and wrong const declarations.

About Us

  Advanced Software Production Line is leading the Af-Arch project: a
  complete framework to develop distributed application to manage
  enterprise process.

  Af-Arch project relies on Vortex Library to exchange data between
  its distributed nodes.

  Advanced Software Production Line also provides GNU/Linux support
  and consulting services to help organization to introduce GNU/Linux
  inside its process.

  Contact us, using English or Spanish, to get commercial support
  and/or BEEP based development services.

  You can reach us:

       http://www.aspl.es - info at aspl.es

  We hope Vortex Library help you. Enjoy Vortex Library!  

Francis Brosnan Blázquez           - francis at aspl.es
Advanced Software Production Line  - http://www.aspl.es
23th Feb 2007, Madrid (Spain)

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