[Vortex] xml-rpc-gen and code generation containing an array of structs

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Thu Mar 15 10:08:58 CET 2007

El mié, 14-03-2007 a las 22:20 +0000, Vincent AE Scott escribió:
> Hi there,

Hi Vicent,

> i've been playing around with the Vortex library and been trying out the
> auto code generation tool xml-rpc-gen, but i think i've hit a problem
> with it.
> It would appear from the (****) debug i've put in that
> method_call_get_param_value_as_struct() is being passed an array, when
> its expecting a struct.

You are right, the xml-rpc-gen tool was producing source code for the
server side component which was trying to marshall an array as an
struct. I've updated the source code, and checked it against your
example (I've reconstructed it using your IDL def and the source code

It is now commited into the svn [1], revision 2600.

Let us to know your progress Vicent!


> Cheers,
> -vince

[1] https://dolphin.aspl.es/svn/publico/af-arch/trunk/libvortex

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