[Vortex] More strange behavior during MSG/ANS pattern

Yourch, Chris chris at replicus.com
Tue Oct 16 00:41:19 CEST 2007

I have noticed that when I step through my code with my debugger on the
client side that it seems to slow operations down enough for the replies
(via vortex_channel_send_ans_rpy calls on the server side) to get back
to the client. What my code is doing is sending a file from server to
client. The error message I am usually getting is "client have
disconnected without closing session". Here's the simplified code.


Channel = get_channel_from_my_channel_pool();
vortex_channel_send_msg(channel, output_buffer_ptr,
output_buffer_length, &msg_no);

// Execution goes back to GUI at this point.

// This is the simple frame handler on the client.
void client_frame_handler()
     // Get the payload here and write to a file on the local machine.


void Frame_handler()
  int msgno = vortex_frame_get_msgno(frame);
  Loop and read a file here
      vortex_channel_send_ans_rpy(channel, file_chunk, file_chunk
_length, msgno);

  vortex_channel_finalize_ans_rpy(channel, msgno);

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