[Vortex] More strange behavior during MSG/ANS pattern

Yourch, Chris chris at replicus.com
Thu Oct 18 01:38:54 CEST 2007

I am still getting errors. Is there a way to increase the debug output
so I can figure out where the memory is getting corrupted?  As far as I
can tell, my app is not overwriting any memory, but, I can't guarantee

Here's the latest error I get.

(critical) vortex-frame-factory: unable to read a line, error was: 
(critical) vortex-frame-factory: an error have ocurred while reading
(debug)vortex-connection: flagging the connection as non-connected

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Hi Chris,

> (proc 10416): (debug)vortex-reader: something to read
> (proc 10416): (debug)vortex-frame-factory: line read from underlying
> transport: 'y path!

Can you generate a complete log from the server side to see what's

Looking at this error it looks like there is something wrong with the
memory managed at the server side component, either due to a bug located
inside vortex or at the application level.
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