[Vortex] vortex and beepcore

wojek adun at o2.pl
Mon Sep 17 11:08:48 CEST 2007


I've subscribed to this group because I have permanent problem which I 
cannot solve. My application needs to connect to java beep server (using 
beepcore java). There's no problem in establishing connection, but I 
can't use TLS. I've simple testbed: vortex-tls-listener, vortex-client, 
beepd, and bing (server and client respectively). Bing can communicate 
with TLS, vortex-client has no problems with vortex-tls-listener. But 
any combinations fail.

When trying to "enable tls" in vortex-client (the more important case 
for me) I have an error:

"TLS Negociation status: Error, message=Greetings response parsing have 
failed before successful TLS negotiation" on vortex side, and

"SEVERE: TLS error: no cipher suites in common" on beepcore side.

It looks like they have no common cipher. Here I don't know if beepcore 
uses ciphers from JavsSSE, but if so there is a plenty of them and it's 
hard to believe that none matches.

(below you have their transaction saved by sniffer)

I would be grateful for any help.


vortex-client -> beepd

RPY 0 0 . 0 52.
Content-Type: application/beep+xml.
<greeting />.
RPY 0 0 . 0 161.
Content-Type: application/beep+xml.
<greeting><profile uri='http://iana.org/beep/TLS' /><profile 
uri='http://xml.resource.org/profiles/NULL/ECHO' /></greeting>END.
SEQ 0 52 4096.
MSG 0 1 . 52 144.
Content-Type: application/beep+xml.
<start number='3'>.
   <profile uri='http://iana.org/beep/TLS'><![CDATA[<ready />]]></profile>.
SEQ 0 196 4096.
RPY 0 1 . 161 111.
Content-Type: application/beep+xml.
<profile uri='http://iana.org/beep/TLS'><![CDATA[<proceed 
.3.2./.........    ...................(RPY 0 0 . 0 52.
Content-Type: application/beep+xml.
<greeting />.

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