[Vortex] Adding version respoiurces to the Windows DLL's

Chris Yourch chris at replicus.com
Fri Apr 4 20:33:48 CEST 2008

It would be very useful to have the version number included in the Windows DLL's. The best part about adding this feature is that it's easy to do!

Here are the steps:

1. Open up Visual Studio.
2. Click on the "Resource View" tab.
3. Right-click over "libvortex".
4. From the context menu, select ADD and then RESOURCE.
5. The "Add Resource" dialog is displayed.
6. Select "Version" and press the "New" button.
7. Fill in the version fields and then build.

Note: Visual Studio actually creates 2 files for you. 'resource.h' and a .RC file.


Chris Yourch

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