[Vortex] [ISSUE] API mismatch using custom SSL contexts

Jens Alfke jens at mooseyard.com
Tue Apr 22 18:58:20 CEST 2008

On 22 Apr '08, at 9:11 AM, Robert M. Münch wrote:

> Hi, I don't understand what you referr to. As Vortex is LGPL I don't  
> see a
> problem. LGPL states:
> "The main difference between the GPL and the LGPL is that the latter  
> can
> be linked to (in the case of a library, 'used by') a non-(L)GPLed  
> program,
> which may be free software or proprietary software."

"Linked to" specifically refers to dynamic linking, not static. (The  
reason is that this allows a user of the product to replace the LGPL'd  
library with a different version, without having to recompile or have  
the source code of the rest of the product.)

Statically linking any sort of *GPL'd code taints the rest of the  
binary with the GPL license.

> And, in the case of
> a DLL, you can't be sure someone else overwrites it again with an  
> unsafe
> version. I prefer to have as much control about such issues as I can.

If it's not a system-provided DLL, you should install it locally with  
your app, not in any shared location, to avoid version conflicts. That  
way if some other app uses an incompatible version of the same DLL,  
you don't break. (This is a must, IMHO, because most developers of  
open-source libraries are very lax about ensuring backward  
compatibility; they tend to assume that client code will update as  
necessary whenever they change the library's API or semantics.)

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