[Vortex] Warning destroying uninitialized channel_update_mutex

Jens Alfke jens at mooseyard.com
Thu Feb 14 01:03:47 CET 2008

When opening TLS connections I keep getting warnings from Vortex:
	CRITICAL: (vortex-thread) unable to destroy the mutex (system call  
pthread_mutex_destroy have failed)
They don't seem to cause problems, but I wanted to figure out what's  
going wrong.

The backtrace looks like:
#4  0x00167661 in vortex_mutex_destroy (mutex_def=0xe93cf50) at  
#5  0x00155f57 in vortex_connection_free (connection=0xe93cde0) at  
#6  0x00155490 in vortex_connection_unref (connection=0xe93cde0,  
who=0x18cb4b "vortex reader (process)") at vortex_connection.c:1909
#7  0x00163d8d in __vortex_reader_check_connection_list  
(ctx=0x102be00, on_reading=0x361a90, con_cursor=0x361610, changed=1)  
at vortex_reader.c:983
#8  0x00164338 in __vortex_reader_run (ctx=0x102be00) at  
#9  0x96400c55 in _pthread_start ()

The problem seems to be that vortex_connection_free is calling:
	vortex_mutex_destroy (&connection->channel_update_mutex);
but channel_update_mutex was never initialized (it's all zeros).

I think the bug is that vortex_connection_new doesn't initialize  
channel_update_mutex, although  
vortex_connection_new_empty_from_connection does. Is this known? (My  
sources are about two months out of date now; I should update to TOT  
but I've been busy getting other parts of my app running...)


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