[Vortex] Crash in vortex_tls_start_negociation_sync

Jens Alfke jens at mooseyard.com
Tue Mar 4 02:04:22 CET 2008

My app just crashed in Vortex code, after logging several warning  
messages. The first warning was:

CRITICAL: (vortex-channel) unable to parse err reply, we have a buggy  
remote peer: Error found (stream size: 7, at byte 0 (global index: 0),  
near to ...Refused..., while reading: Refused): expected an non empty  
content for the node name not found.

This occurred when a reply was sent by the peer; my app code didn't  
get the reply from Vortex.
Then a few minutes later, the following warning and then immediately a  

WARNING: (vortex-thread) timeout reached for conditional variable  
(system call pthread_cond_wait finished)

GDB's backtrace of the crash is:

(gdb) bt
#0  0x0018af35 in vortex_tls_start_negociation_sync  
(connection=0x3ec900, serverName=0x0, status=0x0, status_message=0x0)  
at /Hack/Others/Vortex BEEP Library/vortex/src/vortex_tls.c:1627
#1  0x0017490b in __vortex_connection_new (data=0xe517660) at /Hack/ 
Others/Vortex BEEP Library/vortex/src/vortex_connection.c:1326
#2  0x001886c8 in __vortex_thread_pool_dispatcher (data=0x34da00) at / 
Hack/Others/Vortex BEEP Library/vortex/src/vortex_thread_pool.c:98
#3  0x96cdac55 in _pthread_start ()
#4  0x96cdab12 in thread_start ()
(gdb) list
1622		/* get status */
1623		result = vortex_async_queue_timedpop (queue,  
vortex_connection_get_timeout ());
1624		if (result == NULL) {
1625			/* seems timeout have happen while waiting for SASL to
1626			 * end */
1627			(* status)         = VortexError;
1628			(* status_message) = "Timeout have been reached while waiting  
for TLS to finish";
1629			return NULL;
1630		}

Looks like vortex_tls_start_negociation_sync is dereferencing its  
'status' pointer, but __vortex_connection_new passed NULL for 'status'.

(I'm still on my slightly-hacked 1.0.12 sources, on Mac OS X 10.5.)

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