[Vortex] PATCH: Fix TLS accept

Jens Alfke jens at mooseyard.com
Wed Mar 5 06:26:17 CET 2008

I finally updated my sources to the latest revision in SVN (3316) and  
in doing so found a bug-fix I must not have submitted yet.

The bug is in the function vortex_tls_process_start_msg: it checks  
whether cert and key files are registered, and causes the TLS  
negotiation to fail if there aren't any. But this is wrong, because  
the files aren't needed if a client has registered a  
VortexTlsCtxCreation callback instead.

My patch conditionalizes this code to run only if both ctx- 
 >tls_default_ctx_creation and vortex_connection_get_data (connection,  
CTX_CREATION) are NULL. Without the fix, TLS connections always fail  
in my app; with it, they work.


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