[Vortex] vortex connection

dexter dexter at koli.kando.hu
Tue Mar 11 11:50:19 CET 2008

Hey there!

I don't really know how to search this mailing list, so pls. apologize 
if this has been already discussed.

I've a typical client-server app, in a request-response manner. The 
client sends a message to the server, and the server answers. That's 
all. The server only listens and does not initiate a converstation.

My problem is how can I detect connection interruption on the server side?

What I'm doing now is: when the client connects to the server I store 
the vortexconnection, and every (let's say 20th seconds) I'm trying to 
open a new channel on this connection. If this new channel creation 
succeeds than the connection is ok, if it fails (times out) than the 
connection interrupted.

It is not enough for me to set a callback handler when that particular 
vortexconnection closes, because I'm simulating connection interruption 
on the localhost with iptables, so I'm dropping all packets arriving at 
the given port. In this way the vortexconnection won't be closed 
properly so the callback won't be called at all.

Can you tell me any other ways to detect this type of connection failures?


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