[Vortex] async connect issue on linux 2.4

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Mon Oct 20 17:37:09 CEST 2008

Hi Martin,

> regardless, just 1 byte will be copied onto the stack.
> i solved the issue by "wrapping" the vortex_connection_is_ok with
> different 
> name in another .c file (with int paramter) (i know, it's not nice!).
> the issue occurs only on axl/vortex functions with "bool" paramters
> which are 
> called from c-plus-plus program.


> within axl/vortex (c-code, c-caller) it is not an issue.
> >
> > In the other hand, I think this could it be solved by changing bool
> > definition to use char. This will cause vortex and axl build to use
> a
> > fixed single signed byte representation. It remains checking against
> a c
> > ++ program but it should work.
> >
> > Another approach would be to remove the bool type definition from
> axl
> > and vortex API. This is something we had in mind for some time, but
> then
> > no more issues were found...maybe it is the moment to do so.
> for a minor update i would prefer a typedef to a unsigned char as you 
> described above.

In the past we had some issues with unsigned char (I not able to find
the mail at this moment)...but in any case I not a fan of this

> for the next major update, i think removing the bool definition from
> axl and 
> vortex would be the cleanest way.

Since current C API consumers won't have any problem changing the API
from bool to int (they are defined to be same), and current c++ users
will have solved the issues you are describing I'm going to prepare the

I'll send you full tested previews of vortex and axl so you can check

Thanks Martin. Cheers!

> cheers,
> martin
Francis Brosnan Blazquez <francis at aspl.es>

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