[Vortex] [BUG] random vortex crashes

Benoit Amiaux b.amiaux at ateme.com
Wed Apr 29 11:36:17 CEST 2009

Francis Brosnan Blázquez a écrit :
>> Hello,
> Hi Benoit,
>> It looks like the fix is incomplete :D
>> It now crashes at vortex_channel.c:5774
>> (new_channel->is_opened = axl_true;)
>> new_channel ptr is false
> ..then something is not working somewhere else.

What I mean, is that new_channel ptr is NULL. We removed the is_opened = 
axl_false line which would crash, so now, only 
vortex_channel_notify_start_internal() crash because it doesn't expect 
an empty channel.

>> Maybe new_channel = NULL should be handled in
>> __vortex_channel_0_frame_received_start_msg() by returning an error ?
> Certainly (rather going into all the process with a NULL reference). 
> I've updated vortex_channel.c to check reference returned by
> vortex_channel_empty_new. Can you config if it works now?

No crashes so far.

Thanks !

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