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Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Mon Apr 19 18:54:08 CEST 2010

Hi Rob,

> Can someone point me at a good tutorial to assist a newbie (Beep/Vortex) 
> get started?  

I think you should start with: 


Sections 1), 2) and 3.1) are good as starting point because it also
includes an introduction to BEEP concepts.

Later sections covers topics that may or may not be useful for your
needs (at least at this moment).

> Preferably one which refers to the C binding ... and works 
> an example ...

In general code examples included into documentation is checked to
work..but the best source for examples is the test/ directory included
in the tarball release. 

Inside that directory you'll find working examples (client and listener)
and regression test used to check vortex features
(vortex-regression-client.c and vortex-regression-listener.c) which is a
source of valuable information.

Let us to know if some example included in the documentation is not
working. Cheers!

> Cheers,
> Rob
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