[Vortex] No VortexOnClosedChannel event received at connection initiator

Wimpie Nortje wimpienortje at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 09:25:51 CET 2010

HI Francis,

Thanks for your quick responses.

I put vortex_connection_close() in the VortexConnectionOnClose handler. 
Is it OK to do that for both the listener and initiator?

I have some comments on this problem:
1. I cannot find anything in the documentation that says the initiator 
must call vortex_connection_close() after a connection was broken before 
the channels' VortexOnClosedChannel event will be triggered.
2. I find it strange and inconsistent that the listener's channels will 
be informed automatically when the connection was broken, but that the 
initiator's connection must first be closed before the channels will be 
informed about the broken connection.


Francis Brosnan Blazquez wrote:
> Hi Wimpie,
> Your log looks right but it show me the problem...your are not receiving
> the on close channel notification because it is fired once the
> VortexConnection is finished (inside vortex_connection_free). 
> This happens automatically on listener side, but, at initiator side, you
> must call to vortex_connection_close (to release the reference you own,
> and then, your handler will be called). 
> Cheers!
>>> I suspect you hit a bug or there is something blocking, causing this
>>> handler to be not executed: what shows running gdb, attaching to the
>>> process and then showing thread state (thread apply all bt) on the
>>> originator?
>> Two gdb logs are attached. I did the following:
>> - open originator and listener
>> - open channel from originator to listener
>> - in separate console, gdb attach to originator
>> - gdb: thread apply all bt (before_broke.txt)
>> - gdb: continue
>> - in listener console, kill application
>> - gdb: ctrl-c, thread apply all bt (after_broke.txt)
>> I hope this helps. If this is wrong, or I must do something else,
>> please 
>> let me know

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