[Vortex] vortex alive protocol

DEXTER mydexterid at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 14:00:06 CEST 2010

Hi Francis,

I'm trying to put the alive protocol in practice, and have some
problems with it, though it could be on our side.
So just to be sure I ran the test_16 regression test, and i get this:

INFO: running test=test_16
INFO: running test against localhost, with BEEP TUNNEL proxy located
at: localhost..
INFO: HTTP proxy located at: localhost:3128..
INFO: Checking to run test: test_16..
Test 16: checking alive with check-perid=20000, and unreply count=0
Test 16: waiting connection to be detected to be closed..
Test 16: Connection closed conn id=1..
Test 16: ok, connection close detected..
Test 16: checking alive with check-perid=10000, and unreply count=4
Test 16: expected proper channel creation while checking alive profile..
Test 16: Check ALIVE profile [ FAILED ]

is this intended? :)

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