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Fri Sep 3 01:43:57 CEST 2010

vortex_connection_set_on_close* is executed first and then the list of
handler set by the  vortex_connection_set_on_close_full and
vortex_connection_set_on_close_full2 APIs. I expected that the handlers are
executed in the order of registration:


vortex_connection_set_on_close    (conn, on_close_handler );

vortex_connection_set_on_close_full ( conn, on_close_notify_handler1,
user_data );

vortex_connection_set_on_close_full ( conn, on_close_notify_handler2,
user_data );


//last handler

vortex_connection_set_on_close_full2 ( conn, on_close_cleanup_handler,
axl_true, user_data )

I confirmed that the *on_close_handler (registered by *
vortex_connection_set_on_close) is called first, but the order of execution
of the vortex_connection_set_on_close_full handlers seems to be arbitrary.

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