[Vortex] Telnet & SSH connections

"Robert M. Münch" robert.muench at robertmuench.de
Sat Apr 9 23:55:43 CEST 2011

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Hi, I have a strange problem with a quite complex setup. Here is the setup:

1. I have a BEEP listening server running on remote.com in a VM listening on
2. The VM uses NAT network setup. The NAT router is
3. There is a port forwarding configured from to so the beep server can be reached.
4. I have a further system mycomputer.com I work on.

Depending on what I do I can reach the BEEP server or not. These are the different approaches:

1. telnet 44000 from remote.com: This should connect to the beep server. I get a connection but the beep server doesn't recognize it as a connection.

	s1:~ developer$ telnet 44000
	Connected to
	Escape character is '^]'.

After a couple of seconds the telnet connection is closed.

2. ssh -L 44000: me at remote.com from mycomputer.com: This setup a SSH port forwarding from mycomputer.com:44000 via remote.com:22 to

The ssh command ends in that I have a prompt for user me on remote.com. When I now use: telnet localhost 44000 (all run from me at remote.com) I get a connection and the BEEP server recognizes it.

3. Still having the SSH port forwarding from 2. up & running I now try to use: telnet localhost 44000 from mycomputer.com, which should be tunneled through SSH and forwarded to I get the same result as from 1.

I'm wondering why the BEEP server recognizes one connection via telnet but the others not? IMO all attempts should be forwarded to where the BEEP server is running.

Do you have any idea? Or how I can track this down?

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Robert M. Münch

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