[Vortex] Multiplatform build issue

"Robert M. Münch" robert.muench at robertmuench.de
Sun Aug 7 12:57:44 CEST 2011

Hi, I'm using Vortex and AXL on Windows and OSX. The library I create can be compiled for both platforms and I reference the same Vortex and AXL directories for includes etc.

I now have the problem that when I want to compile my app, I need to ensure that ./configure for AXL was executed for the platform I want to compile my app on. Otherwise the include files contain the wrong defines like AXL_OS_WIN32 / AXL_OS_UNIX.

The problem is that these defines are set statically while running ./configure and not at compile time.

So, do you see a chance that these two defines can be derived at compile time? This would make it unnecessary to re-run ./configure whenever I want to compile for the different platform?

Robert M. Münch

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