[Vortex] Bug in vortex_connection on_close_full list handling

Gernot Seidler gseidler at egenera.com
Thu Jan 13 07:53:16 CET 2011

Hi Francis,

Thanks for your prompt answers to my questions. I appreciate the support.

I think I found a bug in vortex-1.1.6.b4526.g4526 that is triggered when using the vortex_alive feature.
__vortex_alive_trigger_failure() calls vortex_connection_remove_on_close_full(), which removes the on_close_full handler with the connection->handlers_mutex

Another thread might be in the process of already shutting down the connection, which triggers the code path:

_vortex_connection_invoke_on_close() walks the on_close_full list with the connection->op_mutex held.
The same mutex should be used when modifying or traversing the list.
_vortex_connection_invoke_on_close() should also use the connection->handlers_mutex.

Best regards

Gernot Seidler
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