[Vortex] Query regarding pipelining of messages in single channel

subrahmanya sum.sagar at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 07:51:27 CEST 2011


I've a query regarding pipelining of messages within a single channel.

The BEEP RFC on this topic says

2.6.1 Within a Single Channel

   A BEEP peer acting in the client role may send multiple "MSG"
   messages on the same channel without waiting to receive the
   corresponding replies.  This provides pipelining within a single

   A BEEP peer acting in the server role must process all "MSG" messages
   for a given channel in the same order as they are received.  As a
   consequence, the BEEP peer must generate replies in the same order as
   the corresponding "MSG" messages are received on a given channel.

Suppose there are two peers A and B. Peer A establishes a session with peer
B and creates a channel. Peer A registers OnFrameReceived handler during
channel creation. Now suppose peer B sends two messages of type 'MSG' one
after the other. Note that second message is received by A while it is still
processing first message. In such a case will vortex deliver the second
message to the application? Or does it wait for the application to send all
the replies for the first one before delivering the the second one?

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