[Vortex] [ANN] jsVortex 0.4.2 "La Marea" release is ready!

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Fri Jun 24 20:00:43 CEST 2011

                     >>>> jsVortex 0.4.2 <<<<
                           'La Marea' 

>>>> Release note

  Advanced Software Production Line is proud to announce jsVortex
  0.4.2 "La Marea" release: an Open Source Javascript BEEP

  jsVortex is a Javascript BEEP implementation that is specially
  designed to run in the context of a web browser, turning it into an
  effective BEEP peer without too much effort.

  Check out the following links to get ready with jsVortex:

    - http://www.aspl.es/jsVortex
      [jsVortex homepage]

    - http://www.aspl.es/jsVortex/docs
      [jsVortex API documentation]

    - http://www.aspl.es/vortex
      [Vortex Library homepage, used to validate jsVortex]
    - http://www.sf.net/projects/vortexlibrary
      [Source download]

    - http://www.beepcore.org
      [BEEP Core community web site]

>>>> This release in short

  Bug fixes and documentation updates.

>>>> Changes from last release

* [fix] Updated EnableTLSCommand.java to use _getInteger to get
  certTrustPolicy value. This fixes exception generated by javascript
  engines that passes this value as double or integer. Bug exposed by
  latest java VM+Google chrome.

* [fix] Several updates to properly package into debian squeeze.

* [fix] Removed second VortexConnection.js inclusion into compressed

* [fix] Adding missing files to jsVortex..

* [fix] Updated internal engine to include built-in function to
  provide byte length from an utf-8 string. Now wrapper transports
  added to jsVortex do not requires to provide this function.

* [fix] Removed byteLength method from socket-connector which is now
  no longer needed.

* [fix] Fixed regression test and documentation to include applet with
  height and width equal to 1px to allow google chrome loading the
  applet if it is found an outdated plugin version..

>>>> About Us

  ASPL (Advanced Software Production Line) is a Spanish company that
  provides services and support to introduce open source products,
  especially GNU/Linux, into organization's processes.

  Contact us, English or Spanish, to get commercial support and/or
  BEEP based development services.

  You can reach us:

       http://www.aspl.es - info at aspl.es
Francis Brosnan Blázquez           - francis at aspl.es
Advanced Software Production Line  - http://www.aspl.es
24th jun 2011, Madrid (Spain)

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