[Vortex] Build questions & strange crash

"Robert M. Münch" robert.muench at robertmuench.de
Sun Jul 8 14:03:50 CEST 2012

Am 07.07.2012 um 21:45 schrieb Francis Brosnan Blázquez:

>> 2. I finally used Code::Blocks to compile the AXL and VORTEX lib,
>> which is way faster to setup, than to fight against all the makefiles,
>> paths, tools etc.
> Uhmn..I'll take a look on it,

I think the main problem on Windows is, to get all the dependent libs compiled if you want to use TLS or SASL support too. Since these things are mostly unix targeted it's really not easy to get everything done on Windows.

I don't know if you could provide MING pre-compiled dynamic and static version of these dependent libs, that work with vortex. That would be a big time-saver.

Especially it's not sufficient to just get SASL (I'm using GNU SASL) because this needs gcrypt, gerror, ... you name it. It has a complete ripple-effect until you get everything compiled.

Robert M. Münch

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