[Vortex] Strange problem when sending large data on windows

Scott Zhang macromarship at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 21:53:21 CET 2013

   I just recently port one of my linux program built on vortex to windows.
Eveything works fine mostly.
 The message sent through channel comes out on peer as expect. Until when I
try to send a buffer which is ~9K over the channel. Then it never appears
in peer. And any further msg sent from this channel doesn't work either. So
I think the channel is "dead" or "stalled" something. I am using the
prebuild windows binary version of vortex. Which I don't know how to debug.

   I tried to review the source code, seems "window_size" property of
channel may cause "dead". So I use set_window_size to 90K. but it doesn't

   I remember when the program running on linux. send this 8K buffer didn't
give any problem.

   can any one give an idea how to resolve this?

   Tomorrow I may need to build the vortex and debug with its source code.

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